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This Activation bundle is designed to help you create change by:

  • Helping you transform and release scarcity thinking that has been keeping you stuck.

  • Empower you to reclaim your divine feminine power and the abundance that is available to you.

  • Help you feel more confident taking action from a place of ease and alignment.

  • Raise your own unique vibrational frequency and energetic signature.


What's included in this activation bundle:


This meditation is one of the many activations that I use with my 1:1 clients. It has been powerfully designed to help you clear patterns of scarcity, connect you with your divine energy and activate your abundance mindset. 


This 10 minute audio program is designed to help support you in raising your unique vibrational frequency, your energetic signature. Use this meditation to anchor into your worthiness and open up new to new pathways of potential.


As important it is to clear energetic & emotional clutter, it's equally as important to look at what is around you in your physical environments. This worksheet and guide will help you identify where you may have energetic leaks in your life.


Start opening yourself up to new possibilities and ways of being


[ $147 value ]

  • Immediate access to the Abundance Activation Audio Meditation
  • Immediate access to the Vibration Raising Affirmation audio program
  • Immediate access to the Magnetize & Manifest, clutter clearing guide and worksheet (PDF guide) 
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Some people might describe me as magical, but what I actually am is a Subconscious Strategist. 

I specialize in helping women like you access your own inner magic and get clear on what you want to create (aka manifest).

My zone of genius is having the unique ability to help you see the potential of your future possibilities in life, business or for your own personal growth.

I do this by intuitively tapping into exactly what I need to know in your mind, energy and body. From there I am able to discern what tools to use to help shift core beliefs and dissolve obstructions.

The result? You feel the shifts immediately in all layers of yourself and you’re able to start taking action from a place of energetic ease and alignment.

I meet you where you’re at in your journey of expansion. This might mean working 1:1 or being a part of the collective energy of one of my powerful group experiences.

If you’re ready to break free from the life you “think” you should be living and access your highest future potential and pathways to possibility, let’s chat.