It's time to start social distancing from guilt

Have you been feeling guilty about asking for money for your services, feeling guilty for feeling like you have more than others, feeling guilty for setting boundaries? All sorts of worry vs worthy stories might be resurfacing to challenge your wealth consciousness right now.

As the uncertainty of what the world will look like "after" the pandemic continues to unfold, you may be finding that your lack and scarcity thinking is in over-drive. You may also find that it shows up in ways you never expected.

Maybe you feel guilty because you decided you needed to just “be” because you're mentally and emotionally exhausted so you watched the entire season of tiger king on netflix and barley blinked and then you had a nap for 3 hours, instead of building a new empire and hustling like alllll those people on instagram keep telling you should be doing (that is a stupid belief btw).

Here’s what I want you to know, YOU ARE ENOUGH and YOU ARE WORTHY of paying your bills and supporting yourself and your family but you do not need to create a new form of burnout to do it.

Here are a couple of things I do to keep my mind happy and healthy aside from knowing that I am enough.

I maintain positive habits and structure on the daily. A scared mind dealing with the unknown can find amazing ways to rationalize eating poorly, drinking excessively, eliminating all exercise. I walk my dog for 20-25 minutes even though we are limited to where we can go, I journal for 10 minutes and I take 10 minutes to set my daily intentions.

I don’t get caught up in the fear or the conspiracy low vibe energy and I certainly don’t imagine the worst-case scenario. When crisis enters our life, our instant reaction can often be to imagine the worst. No matter how bad it seems, I remind myself that a lot of “terrible” things have been the start of a lot of beautiful things. Repeat after me “I CHOOSE TO SEE POSSIBILITIES”

I also remind myself that I can only control myself. I see a lot of people being resentful around the success others seem to be having during this time. Empowered people don’t resent the success of others no matter what the situation is. Yea, it can be tempting to focus on what you don’t have but a scarcity mindset will only keep you small.

As each day goes by, I challenge you to become mindful of where you are choosing to put your energy.


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