Are you...

👉 An Entrepreneur, someone in business or somone who feels the pull towards making a BIG impact in the world

👉 A High-performer who is on the edge of burnout, and wants to find more calm & clarity in your life

👉 A Spiritual go-getter who loves the idea of working with your subconscious mind and energy systems in order to create change

👉 A Stressed-out “leader of the pack” who wants to upgrade your mindset, and create a life of ease and abundance

…..or really, anyone with an open mind, who is willing to dream bigger, and wants to CONNECT to their highest potential.


This community is for you if..

 You want to learn the basics of how to manage and work with your energetic systems

You’re tired of the fluffy BS that other mindset coaches are putting out there, and you want scientific principles that will actually help you create change

You struggle with staying consistent and taking action, when it comes to your manifestation goals….and you need some accountability

You want to understand more about how to work with your intuition and how it can help you create a Limitless Life


For years I felt alone on my journey of expansion. I bought all the shelf-help books, did all the free challenge groups, watched all the videos spent thousands on DIY courses. The result? I felt totally overwhelmed by all of the information and I couldn't find a space to turn to for the support from like-minded people, didn't have access to the guidance that I desperately craved...and I wasn't consistent taking action. And then the cycle of procrasta-learning would start all over again!

That's why I knew I needed to create EXPANSION: The Limitless Life Community!

Expansion is a supportive space for you to connect, and grow with like-minded people. It’s a place where you can continue to expand your knowledge of all things: mindset, manifestation and energetics… you can create YOUR limitless life.

This is a Month to Month Membership $77 USD per month.





F$CK surface level changes

I don't do basic and this isn't your average group where I'm going to bury you in paperwork with pointless PDF workbooks and busy work and tell you that's going to change your mindset and your life.

True expansion happens on a subconscious and energetic level...mind, body and energy all need to be onboard.

That's why twice a month we will be meeting live for group expansion that involves coaching, training, and activities to help you create YOUR Limitless Life. 

On top of that, I'm giving you access to my custom expansion audio exercises to help anchor in your growth. I'll be adding new things every month.

And, this is also about accountability right? To help keep you accountable I'll be creating monthly challenges to help you take action.

As a part of this community, you'll have access to exclusive pricing and bonuses that no ones else will.

This community is hosted on a secure platform that is accessible via website or the Kajabi communities app which is free to download.

Your expansion journey is only $77 USD a month and when you join you get instant access to the community resources and tools.

And if you decide this isn't the place for you, you can cancel at anytime.



Hi, I'm Brenda

Subconscious Mindset Strategist, Intuitive Energetics Healer and professional F-bomb dropper — I am dedicated to helping people like you get clear on what you want to create and open up to receiving the abundance that is available to you.

The Result? You’ll be emanating confidence, embodying your highest potential self and breaking free from that "just enough" stuck energy you've been settling for.

Most coaches won’t tell you this, but deep transformation doesn't need to be hard or take years.

Then again, I’m not your average Mentor and Coach. And I’m here to remind you – you didn’t come this far to NOT to create your Limitless Life….am I right?

My exclusive EXPANSION Community group membership, is the place to be to learn subconscious and energetic strategies that will help you get crystal clear on what you want to create in your life and or business.
You'll have live trainings and Q & A's with me as well as other special guest experts....and tools and resources to help support you.


My intention for this community isn't just about having a place for you to connect to me, it's about building friendships with the other members, collaborating and celebrating each other.

The best part...when you have a group of like-minded people, in a space with powerfully managed collective energy YOUR expansion can accelerate as you support and celebrate the others.

Join now for only $77 USD per month.

After joining the Limitless Life Expansion Community, you’ll notice:
You are the kind of person who takes action….because you now have the tools and techniques to help you GET CLEAR and start magnetizing. 
You’ll be more in tune with yourself, and your own energy. 

And you’ll feel supported in becoming your future highest potential self. 

I know….it’s exactly what you need, right?

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