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I understand that the Hypnosis Transformational Bundle(s) I am purchasing from Brenda Johnston  (2646089 Ontario Inc.) are for educational purposes only. It is not therapy and is not meant as a replacement for any other interventions.

I understand that my progress comes from my participation and that the tools in this bundle are to enable me to better understand myself, my relationships and make desired changes. Brenda Johnston (2646089 Ontario Inc.)  cannot and will not predict outcomes or make decisions for me. I assume full responsibility for my actions and inaction which relate to my success.

I understand that hypnosis is not a state of sleep but is a natural state of mind that can produce extraordinary levels of relaxation of mind, body and emotions. When a person is in hypnosis, he or she is aware of his or her surroundings. He or she hears the sound of the hypnotist’s voice and will remember, more or less, of what the hypnotist says. The hypnotized subject or client is relaxed, comfortable, focused and in a state of daydream type thinking.

I understand that the requirements for being a good hypnotic subject are mainly the desire to be hypnotized and to experience hypnosis, the ability to concentrate, the willingness to co-operate and follow instructions.

I hereby release Brenda Johnston  (2646089 Ontario Inc.) or any other persons related or affiliated of any and all liability in this matter.


 **By purchasing this bundle, I understand this is a non-refundable purchase.**

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Stress Release

Get off the rollercoaster of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out by calming your mind and body on a subconscious level. Experience a renewed sense of peace, clarity, and the ability to feel like you can finally breathe and relax as you take action from a state of grounded energy.

Hypnosis Audio Programs

  • Deepest Relaxation Journey (Mp3)
  • Calm and Confident Living in the Present Moment (Mp3)
  • Protect your energy (Mp3)


  • Mindset check-in tool (PDF)
  • Program specific affirmations (PDF)


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 **By purchasing this program, I understand this is a non-refundable purchase.**