Your three-step journey to transform

Worry to Wealth

with Brenda Johnston

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I want to keep things super simple, so after you sign up you will be re-directed to a welcome page. From there each of the three steps will be sent to you via email over several days.

As part of this program you will have access to two of my bedtime hypnosis audio programs. These are designed to help you inspire your inner wealth and create transformation on a subconscious level. 


 This IS for you if...

  • You want to stop stressing  and worrying about money.
  • You're ready take action towards creating your healthy money mindset.
  • You want to open your door to an abundant life.
  • You're tired of letting that voice of self-doubt run your life.


This is NOT for you if...

  • You'd rather keep complaining about the money you don't have.
  • You're not willing to be accountable for your life and the choices you make.
  • You like playing the victim, constantly shaming yourself and allowing self-doubt to run your life.

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After being chained to the same corporate job for close to 14 years and living with debt for most of her adult life, Brenda decided it was time to stop playing small. She found her true life's passion, changed her relationship with money and success (and more importantly herself) and turned this passion-driven purpose into a profitable business. Within 7 months of leaving her corporate job, she had built a successful 6-figure business.

As a High-Performance Mindset Coach and the host of The Limitless Life podcast, Brenda helps driven Women tap into the power of their subconscious mind so they can access their full manifesting potential. She accomplishes this by helping transform her clients limiting beliefs and fears that are causing patterns of worry and self-sabotage; into creating new patterns of confidence and an abundance mindset which cultivates new levels of untapped wealth