Client Love

"I’ve been working with Brenda for about 2 years now, and it’s truly amazing to look back at where I was then vs how and who I’ve become today. Truthfully when I first began, I did initially feel it was a little (as she would call it) ‘Woo’ and was skeptical of results. But within the first few months, I was able to really mentally and physically feel the changes in such unique positive ways. 

Although Brenda specializes in Money Mindset, she and I work on my own specific needs aside from that to help my Professional athletic career with confidence and performance; but one thing is for certain - it all relates and comes back full swing with business and money as well. Not only has my performance improved, but my business is blossoming, and my income is increasing steadily as well.

She has a way of transforming my limiting beliefs and bringing out the highest version of myself on a daily basis. I’ve learned how to speak to and about myself, and how to truly believe in my abilities and my self-worth. I’m now able to more clearly and easily manifest the things I truly desire, and that alone has been a game-changer for me in all aspects of life."

Jodi Boam
Professional Athlete & Business Owner

Brenda is the best friend my subconscious never knew it needed! She helped me open up my mind to a world that existed beyond my eyes and surface-level human experience. Not only did she know exactly what I needed to receive during each session, but she offered guidance in such a loving, empowered, and clear way.

I chose to work with Brenda after hearing about her work through a mutual friend. I tried one of Brenda’s simple exercises that involved manifesting dimes, and when I saw the results from one simple exercise, I was immediately hooked and knew I needed to have more.

I feel like the universe sent Brenda to me in a time where my life and relationship with the next level of “me” was feeling the most unclear, and I’m so glad it did! With Brenda, I learned how soft and effortless nudging abundance into my life could be. She helped me work around mental blocks as they related to how I view money and success, and she helped me open myself up to possibilities beyond the singular possibility I had always envisioned.

Brenda helped me stay in the “now” and focus on my goals by helping me visualize myself in the future in a way that felt calm and attainable, where it used to feel chaotic and worrisome.

I would recommend working with Brenda to anybody who wants to see change unfold in front of their eyes in an immersive and gentle way. If you are on the path to up-leveling your life, at a crossroads, or seeking guidance for your next steps; you will not regret working with Brenda. She won’t give you the answers but she’ll give you something way better and much more powerful – the realization that all the answers lie inside of you and that you have the capabilities to harness them by tapping into your subconscious!"

Jovana Borojevic

"I have continually increased the income in our business..."

Sara Fennell


"I knew I wanted to work with Brenda after doing a free 5-day mindset shape-up challenge group she had created.

If you asked me what changes I have experienced I would say that the easier question might be what haven’t I experienced!!! Jk, so far I have shifted my mindset to be much more positive (which I used to be but lost that part of myself over the past few years) I welcome all change because better things are coming. 

  • Anything that doesn’t make me feel good I get rid of to allows better things to replace them.
  • I found an Amazing child care provider  
  • I’ve paid off my visa
  • I’ve met an amazing partner (relationship)

I highly recommend Brenda to literally everyone, she’s amazing and so are you, she can help you be your best self and attract in abundance in all areas of your life."

Kay Hiebert

"...I didn't realize I had a lot of hang-ups about money mindset...So much so that it prevented the growth of my business...I have NEVER earned more money in my entire life!"
Ema Suvajac


"I wanted to thank you again for our session on Monday, it came at the perfect time when I was struggling and needed it the most. You always make me feel so validated, safe, and seen and that is priceless. ❤ The lessons you channel are always dead on and exactly what I need to hear at that time.

I felt SO much less dense after our session and released a lot of shit, I, unfortunately, went to work the next day lol but was so much better equipped with your words and tools, recognized how heavy I got (like when sponges get so full of water they get so heavy). I've been feeling much safer, even when my chest hurts and my nose runs I know I am safe! 

In a favorable turn of events because #angelsgotmyback, my work is laying me off with pay until March 28!! This is exactly what I was hoping for. I'm also continuing to remember and practice forgiveness towards people in my life.

Thank you so much! So grateful for you!! <3"

Daniella Magnatta
Holistic Health Practitioner

"I am at a level I never thought I could be at...the manifestations have been incredible"

Justyna Kalet


For the last 10 years I have struggled with depression, self-diagnosed of course. When my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s my mental state started to spiral and got worse as she got worse. I struggled with my work as I no longer was performing at the quality I used to.

This year for me has been a growth year. An appreciation year of myself.  You have shown me how to find my strength and love for myself.  Even though I still have the weight (and some) it is just a matter of time I am able to refocus on my health journey.  My mind was a priority and I didn’t realize it until I met you.  The best money I’ve invested.

My outlook and the way I view various things/situations and my approach has changed in a more positive way.  

I am now mindful of my time and how I spend it. Also the importance of my priorities and ensure I celebrate my wins more often.  

2020 Highlights

  • spending more time and put a structure in place for my stepdad 
  • Review and put my family finances in order
  • Wrote a short story “dedication to my stepdad” to show my appreciation 
  • Started a business
  • In the process of creating a card game 
  • In the process of setting up a non-profit 
  • First time in 5 years got the highest rating at work 
  • Reading, journaling, meditating, and listening to podcasts on a regular basis

I could go on and on...but I think that’s it. It may be long-winded but basically....I can’t thank you enough!!!!!!! 💋 

Nat B.

"...I have made a lot more money...she taught me how to set affirmations, work with intentions and how to manifest..."
Lydia Di Francesco


"We interviewed Brenda for our Ladies who Podcast virtual event and discussed our money mindsets with our collective.  She is light, love, and NO BS!  She is full of incredibly helpful tips to change our money stories and watch the language we use when we talk about money. It was REAL TALK and we super appreciate her honesty and passion to help women live a full life of abundance."

Jo & Candace
Soul Well Collective

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