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I knew I was at a crossroads - either stay stuck in the same patterns and get the same results, or make a radical shift in my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and relationship to myself. I needed to, for the first time, really really really believe in myself. And allow myself to tap into the flow of energy and the power of the universe (I still cringe a little when I say that - the skeptic in me is strong!). I knew I couldn't make this radical shift alone - the pull to habitual patterns is just too strong. I discovered The Limitless Life podcast and binged every episode in a matter of days. Your straightforward, no BS, breakdown of manifestation, the principles of energy, and the steps to change beliefs was the blueprint I needed. Left to my own devices, I would make changes slowly over time. I needed to move faster, so I jumped at the chance to work with you 1:1 and greatly accelerated stepping into my Limitless Life. Best. Decision. Ever.

My biggest transformation is really, REALLY, believing that I can actually bring anything I want into existence. Working together, we were able to dissolve limiting beliefs around being doomed or broken in some special way that meant that the good things in life were not available to me. Beliefs that I'm not worthy to receive. Thanks to your work with me, that version of myself has been lovingly allowed to retire. And the new version that you helped me put in charge is brave, powerful, grounded in my own worth, and relentless.  

Doubts and victim thinking still come up. Yet I'm able to break their spell. I really do believe now that there are versions of myself that exist that have what I want and I'm finding my way to them. Unlike victim thinking, I know it is up to me to do the work to connect to those versions. When doubts come up, I now have the tools to shift into the feeling space of possibility, to trust in the future, and to be open to receiving.  

We laughed as much as we did the deep work — both are important types of medicine that you are uniquely gifted in bringing forth for healing. I felt extremely safe to explore some really hard, soul-level, multi-generational shit. Working together we were able to transform the energy of those things usually immediately vs the years I've spent in talk therapy. I continue to be surprised at both the depth of the work we accomplished, and how easy and pleasant it was! 

I would recommend this type of work to someone who is ready to bet on themselves and truly step into their power to create the life they want. Someone who is waking up from the nightmare that their worth is determined by external validation, and is ready to cast that bullshit aside and claim themselves for themselves. Someone who is willing to show up consistently. Someone who is ready to move much faster toward a limitless life. 

I would not have been able to go from leaving my corporate job in May to successfully running 3 businesses by October if it hadn't been for our work together!

Jo Sanders



"I thought in order to have a deep energetic clearing and removing blocks it needed to be hard. I made up a story like those really rooted ones “it’s going to take years and it’s going to be exhausting and I’m going to need a lot of sessions” I told myself alllll the stuff.

After just my first session, I have had lifetimes of crap cleared and my manifesting has been ignited to an entirely different level."

Tiffany Carter
MultiMillionaire Entrepreneur 
Top Business Coach & Podcast Host



"...I'm anchored in my own energy and it feels incredible, it also means I can manifest whatever I want from a place of feeling good.."
Lindsay Schluter


"I decided to work with Brenda after having her as a classmate and knowing we vibe well together. As a professional coach, I'm exceedingly selective about who I work with and let into my mind and energy field, but I had implicit trust for Brenda and how ethically she approaches her clients and work. I knew that we spoke the same language and that she would be able to tune-in in a way that other professionals in our field just wouldn't. From the moment our session started the energy was palpable and she was able to pinpoint where I needed the shifts, all with professionalism AND humour - the best. 

I'd recommend working with Brenda for you if you're becoming/are aware of patterns in your life that just are not working for you anymore, you know those invisible walls you just keep bumping up against, but can't quite seem to find the way through? She can help you find the keyhole and leave that old stuff behind."

Jessica Séguin 
Intuitive Soul Integration Healer


"...I've transformed my thinking around "WORK and my self-worth...she helped me realize it was ok to be ME"
Anandi N.


I started working with Brenda because I felt stuck in a place of many unanswered questions and insecurities about how to move forward in the future. I lost my passion and my purpose during COVID. This was affecting not only me but my family and my business.  

Since working with her a new life has been implanted back into me. My clarity and vision for the future have come back, and I feel like my old self again, but stronger. My flow has been smooth and effortless, and things happen fast and positively. I tapped into some old childhood trauma I didn't even know I was holding onto. Acknowledging this and releasing it has improved my physical health in so many ways which was an added bonus to the work we had been doing.

I recommend this to anyone looking to improve their life. Someone who knows what they want but are stuck and unsure how to get there or someone who is completely lost and needs help finding their way.

Thank you, Brenda, for working with me and getting me through this mentorship. I appreciate you and I will definitely be back for some tuneup sessions.

Jason M
Manufacturing Business Owner and President

I chose to start working with Brenda because I realized that my subconscious programs were keeping me “stuck” in certain areas of life. I could see where I wanted to go, and although I had a lot of the tools, what I needed was the one-on-one support to help me move the needle.

Since working with Brenda I have called in an incredible partner, I moved out of my parents house with my daughter, and I have started making progress on improving my self worth (those patterns run DEEP!). I have also developed more confidence in myself as a business owner, and have experienced more abundance in that area.

To the individuals who are just beginning to realize how powerful they are, but aren’t feeling ready to take the steps in the direction of their desires, I recommend working with Brenda. We are not meant to do everything alone, and having the support and expertise that Brenda offers is a game changer.

Your time together will help you identify and clear out what you’re holding onto that isn’t serving who you are becoming, ground you in supportive daily practices, and open you up to your potential in more ways than I can describe. Thank you, Brenda.


"Brenda is the best friend my subconscious never knew it needed!

She helped me open up my mind to a world that existed beyond my eyes and surface-level human experience. Not only did she know exactly what I needed to receive during each session, but she offered guidance in such a loving, empowered, and clear way.

I chose to work with Brenda after hearing about her work through a mutual friend. I tried one of Brenda’s simple exercises that involved manifesting dimes, and when I saw the results from one simple exercise, I was immediately hooked and knew I needed to have more.

I feel like the universe sent Brenda to me in a time where my life and relationship with the next level of “me” was feeling the most unclear, and I’m so glad it did! With Brenda, I learned how soft and effortless nudging abundance into my life could be. She helped me work around mental blocks as they related to how I view money and success, and she helped me open myself up to possibilities beyond the singular possibility I had always envisioned.

Brenda helped me stay in the “now” and focus on my goals by helping me visualize myself in the future in a way that felt calm and attainable, where it used to feel chaotic and worrisome.

I would recommend working with Brenda to anybody who wants to see change unfold in front of their eyes in an immersive and gentle way. If you are on the path to up-leveling your life, at a crossroads, or seeking guidance for your next steps; you will not regret working with Brenda. She won’t give you the answers but she’ll give you something way better and much more powerful – the realization that all the answers lie inside of you and that you have the capabilities to harness them by tapping into your subconscious!"

Jovana Borojevic
Published Author

"...I am very clear on what I want and am very confident Manifesting it. She's also helped me change my income set point, it's actually doubled..."
Bharat Oza


"I’ve been working with Brenda for about 2 years now, and it’s truly amazing to look back at where I was then vs how and who I’ve become today. Truthfully when I first began, I did initially feel it was a little (as she would call it) ‘Woo’ and was skeptical of results. But within the first few months, I was able to really mentally and physically feel the changes in such unique positive ways. 

Although Brenda specializes in Money Mindset, she and I work on my own specific needs aside from that to help my Professional athletic career with confidence and performance; but one thing is for certain - it all relates and comes back full swing with business and money as well. Not only has my performance improved, but my business is blossoming, and my income is increasing steadily as well.

She has a way of transforming my limiting beliefs and bringing out the highest version of myself on a daily basis. I’ve learned how to speak to and about myself, and how to truly believe in my abilities and my self-worth. I’m now able to more clearly and easily manifest the things I truly desire, and that alone has been a game-changer for me in all aspects of life."

Jodi Boam
Professional Athlete & Business Owner

"...after only a couple of months my business started to double, and then triple!"
Ken Sylvan


"I am at a level I never thought I could be at...the manifestations have been incredible"

Justyna Kalet


I was first introduced to Brenda through a personal trainer I was working with.  Brenda was on one of our coaching calls and I was instantly drawn to everything she was saying and curious to learn more.  I have been stuck in my life for a while, not quite feeling like myself, looking for an alternative to the counselling that has not been successful.  Mindset coaching was something I had never heard of but was very interested in discovering more.  I started following Brenda on Instagram and was able to participate in a 5-day free course she offered and loved it.  I loved Brenda’s energy, her enthusiasm, passion, and I felt very comfortable with the program.  It got me thinking, reviewing, and making changes.  I was hooked and signed up to continue working with Brenda.  

I have been working with Brenda for the past year and the changes I have experienced have been mind-blowing and eye-opening.  My biggest change is in my Confidence.  Confidence in myself, my body, my skills, and my profession.  Confidence in setting healthy boundaries, sticking to them, and not feeling guilty.  Confidence in making decisions.  Confidence in knowing what I want in all aspects of my life, and especially confidence in knowing and being able to identify what I don’t want in my life, what no longer serves me positively and removing it.  Confidence in trusting and knowing the Universe has my back.  After years of self-help books and trying multiple counsellors it’s with Brenda’s mindset coaching and support that I finally feel like myself again.  I finally feel unstuck and moving forward in my life towards my goals and dreams.  My mindset has shifted from negative scarcity, always planning for the bad possibilities, to positive abundance, trusting the Universe and my journey, being gratefully for today, living in the present.  There is so much more I have experienced it’s hard to put into words, you really just need to go to take the plunge and experience Brenda’s mindset coaching for yourself.

I would recommend Brenda’s Mindset coaching to anyone of any age who feels stuck in their life.  If you feel like there is more out there for you professionally or personally that you haven’t quite been able to achieve.  If you feel like you keep circling the same path not able to get off and aren’t happy.  If you want to shift to a positive mindset and leave the scarcity behind.  If you are ready and willing to do the work alongside Brenda and trust the process Brenda’s mindset coaching is for you.  Brenda will not do the work for you, she will help you discover what’s keeping you stuck, what subconscious blockages are preventing you from achieving everything you want, help shift your mindset to move you forward through multiple avenues including hypnosis (I absolutely love her nighttime audio’s, I sleep like a baby), and arm you with the tools to help you on your journey.  I genuinely look forward to my sessions with Brenda, to my new audio program, action steps, sharing with Brenda the things I have experienced (mind dimes), and especially all of the laughter we share.  Brenda’s skills are truly a gift.

Sarah Bird

"I stumbled into the bodybuilding world and had to quickly learn that it takes more mental strength than just muscles to be at the top of your game. That’s where Brenda came into my life. She gave me the tools to build a strong mind, forgive myself to move on, and manifest my own successes.

I didn’t only transform in my bodybuilding career but also as a mom, a friend, and a girlfriend. I Learned to step back, ground myself, be thankful for things I actually have and had accomplished instead of always feeling like I was not enough. Journaling when the emotions are too high and going back and reading it later really put things in perspective. Her hypnosis audio programs helped put my mind at ease and I was waking up rested and not exhausted.

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to learn from this amazing woman. Anybody that’s open to change and to growth within will benefit from working with Brenda. She changed my life. " ❤️

Linda Gillespie

I started working with Brenda just over a year ago and to be honest I thought she would solve my problems for me. Little did I know....I WAS THE ONE who was going to solve my problems with the new techniques Brenda was about to teach me 🙏

I was lost, I felt broken and I didn’t really know what was next for me.  Have you ever felt that way? Like you had a mission and a BIG one but could not put it into perspective????? 

I have been a very successful entrepreneur since 2001, I am a national level fitness competitor and I still felt Ike I was missing an important ingredient in my life!

Ready for was ME, I forgot about ME. I forgot to ask Renae what she was missing. 

Brenda taught me how to self-love again, and what it really means...which is to be fully present and connected to myself. She taught me how to communicate with myself. Have u ever just sat back and asked yourself what you truly wanted?  Mind you it took a bit and required me to be consistent but I did it with the tools Brenda taught me.

Now I meditate, I have quiet time, I sit in a quiet room and listen to my thoughts and I’m truly grateful and blessed to be where I am now.

I am currently expanding my business, I have taken a different direction in fitness during this crazy pandemic and I can now look in the mirror, smile, and truly love myself 🙏♥️

Brenda has been the only life coach that has taught me to listen to my thoughts, ask for support and direction along with so many other breakthroughs.

I have realized my energy is so powerful and I know how to channel it, well I’m still working on that.. haha

I’m now on my path to more wonderful adventures in this crazy happy life ♥️


Renae Babcock
Business Owner

"I have continually increased the income in our business..."

Sara Fennell



Ok to be quite honest, I could end this testimonial there and not only be accurate but have every one of her clients nod in agreement but I have waaay more to say.

Working with Brenda has been the best decision I ever made. Not in business. In every single aspect of my life.

I remember following Brenda and not really sure what she did until I saw one post (don’t ask me which one, I have no idea) and suddenly I KNEW I was going to work with her.

I knew in my gut this was what my life needed. At first, I thought I only needed help with money mindset and I’d be golden. And then we started to really dive in. We started to go deep. And every session I felt my life shift.

I felt changes in every aspect of my life that I didn’t even expect. Clients who didn’t align with me were suddenly falling away and replaced with my amazing and ideal new clients.

My personal life went through an upheaval as I learned to set boundaries, identify what I want and why I was constantly attracting the WRONG people.

I felt like I changed nothing but everything changed. I’m on my second contract with Brenda and I already don’t recognize the girl I used to be. I cannot imagine where I’ll be in a few more months.

Working with Brenda changed my life and if you’re even SLIGHTLY on the fence, JUMP! Don’t even think twice. Do it NOW. I promise you, you’ll thank me.

Or rather, you’ll thank her"


Small Business Owner & Creator of the Bully Love Boutique

"...I have made a lot more money...she taught me how to set affirmations, work with intentions and how to manifest..."
Lydia Di Francesco


"Working with Brenda has been an incredible experience. Being able to work on and improve every aspect of my life and has been life-changing. She really gets to the root of things and helps you understand the little details that make huge differences. I highly highly recommend her to everyone, especially throughout these hard times it's much better to live out of love than fear and her hypnosis programs are such a big part of the work and they help so much!!"

Jenna Medina
Business Owner

"I knew I wanted to work with Brenda after doing a free 5-day mindset shape-up challenge group she had created.

If you asked me what changes I have experienced I would say that the easier question might be what haven’t I experienced!!! Jk, so far I have shifted my mindset to be much more positive (which I used to be but lost that part of myself over the past few years) I welcome all change because better things are coming. 

  • Anything that doesn’t make me feel good I get rid of to allows better things to replace them.
  • I found an Amazing child care provider  
  • I’ve paid off my visa
  • I’ve met an amazing partner (relationship)

I highly recommend Brenda to literally everyone, she’s amazing and so are you, she can help you be your best self and attract in abundance in all areas of your life."

Kay Hiebert

"...I didn't realize I had a lot of hang-ups about money mindset...So much so that it prevented the growth of my business...I have NEVER earned more money in my entire life!"
Ema Suvajac


"I wanted to thank you again for our session on Monday, it came at the perfect time when I was struggling and needed it the most. You always make me feel so validated, safe, and seen and that is priceless. ❤ The lessons you channel are always dead on and exactly what I need to hear at that time.

I felt SO much less dense after our session and released a lot of shit, I, unfortunately, went to work the next day lol but was so much better equipped with your words and tools, recognized how heavy I got (like when sponges get so full of water they get so heavy). I've been feeling much safer, even when my chest hurts and my nose runs I know I am safe! 

In a favorable turn of events because #angelsgotmyback, my work is laying me off with pay until March 28!! This is exactly what I was hoping for. I'm also continuing to remember and practice forgiveness towards people in my life.

Thank you so much! So grateful for you!! <3"

Daniella Magnatta
Holistic Health Practitioner

For the last 10 years I have struggled with depression, self-diagnosed of course. When my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s my mental state started to spiral and got worse as she got worse. I struggled with my work as I no longer was performing at the quality I used to.

This year for me has been a growth year. An appreciation year of myself.  You have shown me how to find my strength and love for myself.  Even though I still have the weight (and some) it is just a matter of time I am able to refocus on my health journey.  My mind was a priority and I didn’t realize it until I met you.  The best money I’ve invested.

My outlook and the way I view various things/situations and my approach has changed in a more positive way.  

I am now mindful of my time and how I spend it. Also the importance of my priorities and ensure I celebrate my wins more often.  

My Highlights

  • spending more time and put a structure in place for my stepdad 
  • Review and put my family finances in order
  • Wrote a short story “dedication to my stepdad” to show my appreciation 
  • Started a business
  • In the process of creating a card game 
  • In the process of setting up a non-profit 
  • First time in 5 years got the highest rating at work 
  • Reading, journaling, meditating, and listening to podcasts on a regular basis

I could go on and on...but I think that’s it. It may be long-winded but basically....I can’t thank you enough!!!!!!! 💋 

Nat B.


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