The real magic of plant medicine: Conversation with Bharat Oza

Season #2

In this episode I chat with my dear friend, Bharat Oza, who is Shamanic Practitioner, and the ONLY person I will refer people to, when it comes to plant medicine. Bharat has spent over a decade as a holistic life coach. His experiences with Ayahuasca led him to study shamanic practices, and plant medicine. He offers energy work, sacred plant medicine ceremonies, Kambo, somatic plant medicine integration, and retreats.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Psychedelics aren’t a “new” phenomenon (cave paintings - reality or trip visions?)
  • Bharat’s own discovery of plant medicine in the jungles of Peru (“what the fuck is this world?!?”)
  • Misconceptions around magic mushrooms, and the importance of a proper set/setting/integration experience with actionable steps post-ceremony “The game is not to be high, the game is to be free”
  • If you want to deepen your spirituality, you ALSO need to be grounded (“it’s nice to talk to god, but you need to remember your postal code”)
  • Insider info about The Align Retreat, August 26-28, led by Bharat, featuring ME as a guest speaker!


Want to more about the ALIGN retreat or working with Bharat: connect with him over on Instagram