Co-creation in action: Conversation with Lindsay Jane

Season #2

In this episode, I interview my client, Lindsay Jane!

Lindsay is a writer who's way with words brings relatability and honesty to the journey of womanhood. Her deep insight and wisdom inspire women to step into their highest potential selves, while throwing out the "rule book" of life. Her debut memoir, Unscripted, is in the works, and will be ready for publication in 2023. She also just launched her new blog The Unscripted Blog: Essays on Womanhood!

Lindsay and I have been working together for almost one year now…and she’s made some incredible transformations in her life!

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The domino effect of goodness she experienced, after shifting a single subconscious belief around self-worth
  • The “non-negotiable” energy practice she does every single day
  • Why forgiveness work is the doorway to abundance How to use your own triggers as “pointers” to your core belief system
  • The magical experience of connecting with her highest potential future self
  • How to use your “inner guidance” when making decisions
  • The experience of defining, and being led by, her core values
  • Envisioning the outcome you want, as opposed to worrying about the worst-case scenario

If you want more from Lindsay Jane, check her out on Instagram and you have to check out her new blog The Unscripted Blog: Essays on Womanhood!

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