The truth about manifestation: conversation with Jennifer Hernandez - Ep 49

Season #2

Today, I chat with my client Jennifer Hernandez, who was raised from a place of “how to fit in” (sound familiar???). She made it her mission to say “fuck these fuckin’ stupid-ass rules” which made no sense to her, and she created a beautiful new life, according to her own desires.

In this episode you’ll hear all about:


  • How she made her *dream* a reality, and now owns an Airbnb in Costa Rica


  • The #1 phrase that will keep you playing small: “be realistic.”
  • The power of taking one step at a time
  • The importance of daily energy management
  • Assuming responsibility for your current reality (so key!!)
  • What it means to “let go” - being open to unexpected routes and pathways
  • How it’s “really fucking hard” to grow and transform and accelerate on your own 

“A limitless life is going as far as you can, and letting go of what happens next. It’s about being open to the magic that shows up for us.”

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