Symptoms of Being a Non-Receiver (are you one of them?) - Ep 50

Season #2

A new solo episode of The Limitless Life Podcast just dropped….and this one is *specifically* for anyone who has trouble RECEIVING.

Receiving compliments.
Receiving gifts.
Receiving a helping hand.
Receiving pleasure.
Receiving abundance.

They say “it’s better to give than receive”.....but I call bullshit.

In this episode you’ll hear all about:

  • How being a skilled receiver can change your life (and how you manifest)
  • What happened after I said I was “fucking fantastic!” in my corporate office elevator 😬
  • Allowing yourself to feel rested/happy/alert/fulfilled/engaged is your natural state of being (believe it or not)
  • Why non-receivers attract non-givers
  • Why many of us actually block ourselves from receiving (and the most common limiting beliefs that get in the way)
  • Symptoms of being a non-receiver (are you one?!?)
  • Tips on how to become a fabulous receiver
  • Getting yourself into a receptive state of being (hint: think gratitude and appreciation)
  • Feeling the need to “return the favour” and how it actually blocks you from pleasure


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