Choosing the right Spiritual Mentor: Conversation with Jessica Seguin

Season #2

Listen….I get it. There are SO MANY spiritual mentors out there, claiming to have the tools, wisdom, and gifts to HELP YOU.

But how do you choose the RIGHT mentor for you? And how do you make sure that what you’re getting is LEGIT (not just fluffy BS….or worse…..a soul-sucking cult)?

In today’s episode of The Limitless Life Podcast, I talk with my good friend (and spiritual mentor!), Jessica Séguin. 

Jessica is an Intuitive Soul Integration Healer, and a Professional master Clearer who does Soul Point Journey Work. You can connect with her on instagram @jessicadawnseguin

I’m constantly talking about energy management, and spiritual hygiene - and Jessica is like the “deep cleaner” of the energy world (stubborn energetic stains, be gone!).

Ep 56 - Choosing the right spiritual mentor: a conversation with Jessica Séguin 

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Energetic cobwebs and hairballs are real – just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist
  • Emotions are the gateway to what your soul is wanting you to pay attention to
  • The invisible drawstring bag (full of energetic junk!) we all carry - and how to lighten the load
  • The truth about “shadow work” 
  • The danger of “blowing yourself open” by working with too many mentors at once
  • Key questions to ask any spiritual mentor you are thinking about hiring
  • Red flags” that should tip you off to saying NO to working with a spiritual mentor
  • Being mindful of who you’re allowing to access your energy
  • How to tell if you have boogers in your energy field (signs and symptoms!)
  • How to create a truly limitless life – just GOING FOR IT when inspiration drops into your consciousness 


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