Powerful Manifestation Ignitor: The Art of Surrender - Ep.60

Season #2

I’m sick of seeing “generic” advice about manifesting….and I know you’re frustrated by it, too.

👉 “Just let gooooooo”
👉 “Surenderrrrrr”
👉 “Raise your vibration”
👉 “Good vibes only”
👉 “Get into alignment”

Give me a break. 🙄 It’s true….when you’re manifesting, it’s really important to “let go,” get out of your own way, and trust that the universe is going to deliver what you asked for.

But HOW do you learn how to surrender?? Let’s simplify this whole manifestation thing, shall we?

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Manifestation is a very personal thing - you have to find what works for you
  • We manifest things our subconscious believes we can achieve
  • “Letting go” is about letting go of control over how/when your intention will show up
  • Surrendering allows you to get out of worry/scarcity/doubt/fear
  • If you truly desire a different outcome, you have to have FAITH
  • When you plant a seed, do you dig it up to see if its growing? NO, you don’t.
  • The importance on getting CLEAR about what you desire
  • The power of defining WHY you desire what you desire
  • Envisioning how you want to FEEL when you manifest your desire
  • If you’re trying to control the outcome, from a place of scarcity, the only thing you’ll manifest more of is fear, worry and doubt.
  • The role of gratitude, when it comes to manifestation


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