Manifestation burnout: are you doing too much? - ep. 64

Season #3

Are you “spiritual-ing” all day, every day? – there’s a lot of pressure out there.

👉 Be more aligned
👉 Shift your paradigm
👉 Raise your frequency
👉 Feel your feelings
👉 Be in your “feminine”
👉 Become whole
👉 Tap into coherence
👉 Balance your chakras

…..I could go on and on. And while it can be an INCREDIBLE thing to prioritize your own personal development….it can also be overwhelming.

It’s easy to start feeling unworthy, if you think you’re not doing “enough” (or not doing it with enough “success”). And sometimes, we end up “overdoing it”....leaving us feeling “spiritually bloated.”

In this solo episode of The Limitless Life Podcast, I talk about “Manifestation Burnout” – a very real phenomenon that happens when you do “all the spiritual things” without leaving yourself enough time to digest, and integrate it all. “ Sometimes less is more….ya know?

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • What it looks like to binge on spiritual growth
  • The importance of “integration” (and what that means) 
  • Falling into the trap of doing “too much”
  • The time I started “manic manifesting” because I wanted more, faster
  • Why you may be jumping to the next thing, too soon
  • The common belief of needing to work hard in order to be successful
  • Getting caught up in personal development busy work
  • The #1 sign that you need to take a “growth break”
  • Why your subconscious mind doesn’t like multi-tasking
  • Manifestation is a whole body thing

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