The Fun Side of Manifestation: Elevate Your Energy and Attract What You Desire - ep. 78

Season #3

“Why does manifestation have to be so harrrrrrd?!?!?!” 😫

I’ve got some good news! It doesn’t have to be hard! In fact….it can be really really FUN!

And when it comes down to it, having FUN with manifestation is actually the key to your success! Because trying to manifest ANYTHING when you’re in a bad mood….whether you’re stressed, anxious, or grumpy….is literally impossible.

OK, so how do you STOP 🛑 being so damn serious about manifesting, and start having a blast with your desires?!?

Let’s talk about it!

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • A no-BS explanation of “energetics” 
  • The universal law that actually trumps The Law of Attraction
  • How your unique energetic frequency gets created (and what can drag it down)
  • The fastest way to elevate your energetic frequency
  • The most powerful indicator that will allow you to measure your energetic frequency 
  • 4 creative ways to have fun with your energy, and your emotions
  • How “having fun” can help you bypass your critical mind
  • Why putting pressure on your manifesting will only ever slow it down


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