Embracing Radical Self-Accountability: A Conversation with Jessica Burgio - ep. 84

Season #3

Are you claiming the LIMITLESS LIFE that is available to you? Or are you letting your own limiting beliefs, cloud your vision, and hold you back?

Being open to possibilities is a key aspect of manifesting them into reality. But many people tell themselves stories that prevent them from making their dreams a reality.

Many of us bend over backwards to say/do/be the things that will make OTHER people happy. And in doing so, we stifle our TRUE desires…..and end up feeling “stuck” and unfulfilled.

In order to elevate our lives, we need to become radically self-accountable, and empower ourselves with a 

strong mindset, and a clear self-concept.

But that kind of thing isn’t always “second nature” to us….and it can take some learning (and un-learning!) to get there.

Ready to go deeper with this? Check out my latest podcast episode with special guest, Jessica Burgio! 

Jessica is a podcaster, author, hype girl, and space holder. She is the host of The Unscripted Podcast, and she is the co-founder of Media Unscripted, a podcast management agency that supports entrepreneurs in “creating their own damn podcast!”

Jessica shares about her own journey towards living a Limitless Life, and how she has learned to take ownership of what she allows in her life.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Do you really want what looks “shiny” on other people?
  • No amount of success/money changes us at the core
  • The (gigantic) nudge from the universe that changed the trajectory of Jessica’s life
  • How anger can sometimes be a catalyst to push you forward
  • How you show up, is usually what you attract
  • The art of unbecoming who they told you to be
  • Connect with other people who believe in their own dreams
  • It’s not on other people to give you what you need
  • You build confidence through messy action


“The most important questions to ask yourself are: who are you, what do you want from your life, and who do you want to surround yourself with?”

– Jessica


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