Simplifying the Social Struggle: A Conversation with The Brandographer Amie Pendle - ep.116

Season #4

Creating content for your biz is a BIG DEAL. The photos, the videos, the editing, the captions….


You want to NAIL IT, because you want the exposure. But you also don’t want to spend all of your waking hours putting influencer-level energy into your feed.

Throw in the fact that many of us get all up IN OUR HEADS about showing up “authentically” (what does that even mean?!?) – and we end up throwing out half of what we create! 

We envision so-and-so from 7th grade tuning in. And all of a sudden, the whole thing feels awkward and “not good enough.” 

The result?

Procrastination city. “It’s soooooo haaaaaaard!”

Ok, so how do you show up for social, without feeling like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill? Can content creation actually be fun, light, and easy?
(wait for it)

It can!

And in today’s episode of The Limitless Life Podcast, I chat with YOUR NEW SOCIAL MEDIA BESTIE, The Brandographer, Amie Pendle who gives us the inside scoop on content creation minus the overwhelm! 

Photos, reels, grid design, mentorship – Amie does it all! And she’s worked with hundreds of high-level female entrepreneurs, to add a touch of magic and creativity to their personal brands! Amie is also the host of the Magic in Being Brave podcast! (be sure to give it a listen!)

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • How to maximize your content from a single photoshoot sesh
  • Why Amie calls her work “trash content”
  • The doom-scrolling dilemma
  • How to get out of your head, and get onto social - 2 simple steps
  • Your IG feed is not a portfolio of your work
  • Why “behind the scenes” content is so important for your brand
  • How to get inspired (without feeling like you’re stealing other peoples’ ideas)
  • Why you need to get on Creative Market 


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