BONUS EPISODE: Energy Unleashed - Shatter the glass ceiling from within (From the Unmute Yourself Podcast)

Season #4

In this BONUS episode which originally aired on the UNMUTE YOURSELF podcast, I chat with Nancy Medoff again and we have a a raw, vulnerable and thought-provoking conversation about how we all tend to get in our own way. How harnessing the power of your mind, your SUBCONCIOUS mind - is often times the difference between thriving and surviving.

From the company we keep to the energy we bring - isn’t it time to reclaim ALL OF it so we can focus on the life we truly want?

The life we know we deserve? Some may call this selfish - and if that’s what needs to happen in order to curate the life you know you deserve - is that really a bad thing?

We made sure to tackle the heavy stuff, like dealing with trapped emotional energy and how it messes with our mindset and choices.

We get real about setting boundaries and being rigorous about who gets access to our inner circle.

Spoiler alert: It's totally cool to aim high and dream big without feeling guilty about who or what you are leaving behind.


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