The Energetics of Marketing: A Conversation with Hanna Hermanson - ep. 120

Season #4

Marketing is a rinse and repeat process! And it’s about: FINDING WHAT WORKS, AND DOING MORE OF IT!

OK, but what “works” these days?

On this week’s episode of The Limitless Life Podcast, I chat with Hanna Hermanson, CEO of Dream Life Marketing – and Hanna drops some *major* nuggets of wisdom about how to market your biz in 2024. 

Seriously – you won’t regret grabbing a pen & notebook!

Hanna has been immersed in the marketing world for the last 10 years, building her own biz, and helping other online coaches do the same!

She’s been in your shoes! And she knows exactly what it’s like to:

👉 Feel “icky” about social media
👉 Want to roll her eyes at all bro-marketing tactics

👉 Struggle to show up consistently

Listen in, as Hanna gives you the 3-step formula for her signature Feminine Marketing Funnel! Then start taking action!

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Marketing is not a task, it’ a lifestyle
  • The entrepreneur mindset: problems are gateways
  • One Q to ask yourself at the end of every day
  • Hanna’s one-year hiatus from social media (and what it taught her)
  • What to do when what you’re doing isn’t working
  • The 3-step Feminine Marketing Funnel process you can implement in your biz
  • What stage of the game do social media ads “make sense?”
  • How to hold the energy that accompanies the “next level”
  • A limitless life = getting out of your own way 


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