Breaking Barriers with Jo Sanders: The Power of Mindset Work - ep. 128

Season #4

You want to know the funny thing about mindset work?

It doesn’t necessarily make the “bad stuff” go away. You simply learn how to move through through sh$% more quickly, and with less stress.

You start to SEE things differently. 👀 And the stuff that used to bring you to your knees, simply passes through, like a storm. 

You start to witness your own patterns. And you begin to challenge the kind of thoughts that used to consume you with paralyzing fear. 

You start to understand that opportunities are everywhere. And as cliche as it sounds….you begin to see the truth – when one door closes, another door opens. 🚪

Sometimes it’s tricky to articulate the IMPACT that mindset work can have on your life. 

Because all of these shifts can be so subtle….and then all of a sudden, someone points out how “different” you seem – lighter, happier, and more confident. Almost as if the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. 

💫 The work I do with my clients is a GAME CHANGER, NAME. 

And in today’s episode of The Limitless Life, I talk to one of my clients, Jo Sanders, who experienced aallllll of these shifts (and more)!

Within 4 months of working together, Jo left her Corporate job and began creating a life ON HER TERMS. 

Her story is one you DON’T WANT TO MISS! So hit PLAY on this episode – and get an inside look at the transformative power of mindset work. 

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • The devastating consequences of living a “double life” 
  • What convinced Jo to work with me
  • Jo’s honest skepticism about “all the woo” (and what changed her mind)
  • Why it’s important to lay the foundation of a calm nervous system
  • Jo’s passion and purpose in life as an Anxiety & Pain Liberator
  • The “be happy with what you have” trap
  • Why cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all mindset work sucks
  • How we role model our best (and worst) mindset habits with our kids
  • Jo’s honest opinion about misconceptions around mindset work

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