The Limitless Life Podcast

The Limitless Life Podcast

Hosted by: brendajohnston

After changing her own relationship to success but more importantly herself. Brenda left her corporate job of 14 years and turned her passion into profit. Now, as a Subconscious Strategist, Brenda specializes in...


Want to stay high vibe? Watch your words

Episode #35

Do you ever feel like you have been sucked into a vortex of negativity and you just feel zapped of energy and you can't figure out why?   In this episode I'm going to walk you through the importance of watching your...
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FEAR the f-word that isn't as horrible as people think

Episode #34 do you view it? Do you live by the knowledge that it's "false evidence appearing real", maybe you prefer "[email protected] everything and run" philosophy? In this episode I'm going to talk about why I choose to live...
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Two simple steps to shifting your identity so you can BE, DO, HAVE

Episode #33

Your beliefs create your habits, which create your behaviours, which create who you believe you are. What you do is an indication of who you believe yourself to be either on a conscious level or subconscious...
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031: My five steps for FLUFF FREE manifesting

Episode #32

Manifesting is a popular topic these days and there is as far as I am concerned a LOT of misinformation and FLUFFY crap out there about how to do it and what it actually is.   In this episode, I am going to share...
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030: Three of the most common money blocks, how they show up and what to do about them

Episode #31

You're out there building a business, wanting to make an impact and you have all of the systems, funnels, sales pages buuuut something is keeping you stuck.  When it comes to building a successful business or...
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029: Why whole brain state is the key to your transformation, conversation with Angela Anderson

Episode #29

Your beliefs are the foundation of your personality. They define your worth, they create the "rules" you live by. They affect your moods and your behaviours, your self-esteem, your health and even your religious or...
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028: Feminine and Masculine energy: making them work for you in life and business

Episode #30

All things are energy everyone has masculine and feminine energies. I've been watching women get stuck in a burnout cycle, especially when it comes to business. In this episode I am talking about masculine and...
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027: Bridging the gap between mindset and spirituality, the re-birth of The Limitless Life Podcast

Episode #28

Welcome to the re-birth of The Limitless Life podcast! It's a new decade and I'm changing things up because I really want to help bridge the gap between mindset and spirituality for life and business. Why? Because...
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026: The flexible dieting disaster, conversation with Justin Janoska

Episode #27

My guest today actually gave me an ah-ha moment around 25 years of disordered eating that I have had.  Justin Janoska is a clinician and the founder of The Autoimmune Revolution - an emerging company that guides...
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025: Overcoming the "I can't" mindset, living with lupus - Conversation with Melissa Adams

Episode #26

I have an amazing guest on this episode all the way from South Africa! Her name is Melissa Adams and she is the definition of living a limitless life if you ask me.   Born and raised in South Africa JHB, she was...
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024: From misfit to mystic, understanding energy my conversation with Lisa La Joie

Episode #25

The universe is always sending powerful messages about your business, your life and your path. If you have trouble receiving them, you may be missing out on wisdom and opportunities.   In this episode I am chatting...
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023: How to go from over-commitment and overwhelm, to thriving! Conversation with Melanie Sodka

Episode #24

Are you addicted to multi-tasking? Feel like you are burning the candle at both ends and just feel like you are totally overcommitted? Did you know that our addiction to distraction is making us dumb?  In this...
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