What if you could transform your relationship to money and success in just 90 days?


Transforming your money story is one of the quickest ways to activate your abundance mindset and help you break through to that next level of success.

This is a LIVE group coaching program...not another course you’re going to collect and do nothing with.

[Next session starts October 14, 2021]



(Reg. Price $1465.61 includes taxes)

ONE PAYMENT OF $1126.61 CAD ($997 + $129.61 HST)
3 MONTHLY PAYMENTS of $376 CAD ($327.12 + 48.88 HST)

Do any of these sound like you?


  • Making money feels hard, maybe you have a business and you aren’t even paying yourself a salary.
  • You’re making the money you want to be making but then something unexpected comes up and the money goes right back out. OR you're making the money but you are not happy or feeling fulfilled.
  • You feel guilty setting boundaries with friends and loved ones who are demanding of your time, money, and resources.
  • Having any sort of money conversation makes you feel uneasy or even sick to your stomach.
  • You find yourself procrastinating and self-sabotaging when it comes time to focus on incoming generating activities.
  • You find yourself living paycheck to paycheck or in a cycle of feast or famine when it comes to making money.
  • You’re not attracting the right clients into your business, partially because you don’t have the confidence to get out there and tell people what you actually do. 
  • You’ve hit your income earning “glass-ceiling” and can’t seem to bust through it.


If any of that sounds familiar, it’s because your money story is not aligned with your vision of who you wish to become. You’re an achiever, and the struggle with feeling blocked is that it is preventing you from becoming that high-performer you know you are meant to be. AND, it’s keeping you from making that big impact on the lives of others that you want to be making.


I know how frustrating that can be, I used to be you and I understand the pain and frustration of feeling stuck! It’s why I have created this 90 day program, so I can help you get to the root of what has been holding you back and change your money story.


Commit to taking action and you'll walk away with a NEW MONEY STORY.

This 90 day transformational coaching program is specifically designed to help you reach the next level of success that you have been wanting.

You’ll learn how to: Discover what your past and current money story is. So you can get to the root of what has been holding you back. You’ll have the tools you need to stop self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours and create a new and empowering money story.

You can have all of the best funnels, systems, and strategies in place but your subconscious beliefs need to be aligned with your goals and intentions. Otherwise, you can find yourself feeling stuck.

It's time to give yourself permission to prosper!

"This program was exactly what I needed when it came along. I have witnessed growth and breakthroughs that happened in the group with every.single.person and that is next level. Period. ⁣

We laughed, we cried and we grew. Boldly.⁣

I said goodbye to a job, accepted 2 new clients because I knew the universe had my back AND I was doing the work to be open to receiving. I have a couple more things in the works and it is all because of this course. 

I will no longer live a life that isn’t fully abundant in ALL areas - financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally 💜⁣"

~ Corrina

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to take actions and create habits that serve you.
  • You’re in a position where you’re already experiencing success on some level, but you’re ready for the next level.
  • You’re ready to learn the fundamentals of how to change your mindset
  • You’re ready to expand your capacity to create and activate abundance through who you are
  • You’re ready to understand what has been obstructing you.
  • You want to have fun, feel energized and experience more joy in your life.
  • You want to support the collective consciousness, which will allow you to manifest more into your life
  • You’re ready to open up to possibilities
  • You want to increase your confidence so you can make an impact on the people and the world around you.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not willing and ready to get honest and vulnerable with yourself 
  • You’re not willing to move through the resistance of what has been holding you back
  • You’d rather hang onto the BS stories you’ve been telling yourself
  • You’re more comfortable staying small


YES, I'm ready to transform my MONEY MINDSET!

ONE PAYMENT OF $1126.61 CAD ($997 + $129.61 HST)
3 MONTHLY PAYMENTS of $376 CAD ($327.12 + 48.88 HST)

"I joined this program because I was ready to level up, step back into the person I am, and take the next steps professionally and personally. My biggest take away from this program was the massive shift in my mindset. No more negative mindset, Brenda armed with the tools to deal with negative when it occurs. I no longer think of all the negative what if's, I trust the universe has my back and helps me co-create my life when I am ready"

~ Sarah

This program is unlike other programs that overwhelm you with hours on end of video content and leave you to figure things out on your own.


This is a LIVE group coaching program, you've got me to help support you while you work through things.

I’ve designed the modules to allow you to dive deep, take action, and transform your Money Mindset.

  • Imagine being able to feel abundant right now.
  • Imagine not having to spend years trying to figure out and understand what has been blocking you.
  • Imagine being able to finally break though that income plateau.
  • Imagine having more confidence in yourself so you can make an impact on the people and world around you.

You can experience all of this more when you commit to taking action and saying YES to yourself.



What's inside the program:

  • Microlearning style (aka short and precise) empowering and educational videos that are module specific. These videos walk you through the strategies that you will be taking action on throughout the program.

  • Easy to access mobile friendly learning portal where all materials are stored

  • Access to my immersive hypnosis audio programs and meditations to help accelerate your transformation

  • Easy to follow, exercises and worksheets 

  • Live group Q&A coaching calls with me TWICE A MONTH to discuss current modules

  • Access to our private TELEGRAM group where you can celebrate your wins or get support from the group with your struggles

Here’s the truth...

Having a blocked abundance mindset isn’t a little thing, and unblocking it isn’t just positive thinking, journaling and constantly trying to raise your vibration. Your beliefs and blocks can run deep inside of your entire body. You don’t just think things, you FEEL them and some of this shit you’ve been carrying around years, even decades! 

To help accelerate your transformation you’ll be using my custom-designed immersive hypnosis audio programs. Hypnosis helps put your body and mind in a calm and relaxed state. It allows you to have space to release things it opens a door within you, giving you the confidence to believe in yourself so you can be the best version of you.

"This program helped me change my mindset around money. My biggest transformation would be that I'm now open to receiving (new opportunities, thoughts, more money/abundance)"

~ Kaylee

Here is a preview of what you'll be working on



You’ll learn how to cultivate an abundance mindset and why this important on this type of transformational journey.

We will help you get to the root of what has been blocking you, think of this like excavating so you can build a strong and solid foundation.

You’ll discover your past money story and how it has been affecting your current money reality.



This is where we really get to work, you’ll be releasing energetic and physical clutter from your life. This is a crucial step that allows you to transform old beliefs and patterns of behaviour.

You’ll expose areas of your life that may have energetic drains and you’ll learn how to plug them.



It’s time to start owning the truth of who you are and activating your abundance mindset. In this module you'll be creating your new and empowering money story.

You’ll start taking actions that will help you feel abundant right now and anchor in your transformation.

We will take time to integrate the tools and strategies you have and celebrate your journey.

YES, I'm ready to transform my MONEY MINDSET!

ONE PAYMENT OF $1126.61 CAD ($997 + $129.61 HST)
3 MONTHLY PAYMENTS of $376 CAD ($327.12 + 48.88 HST)

"I am at a level I never thought I could be at...the manifestations have been incredible"

~ Justyna


Often times people are confused by what hypnosis can do for them, here’s an example of how my immersive hypnosis audio programs can put you into a peak state.

Honestly, what the f#*K did you put into that audio? Last Thursday I wrote an entire conference speech in 35 minutes. Tonight I wrote an entire article in 25 minutes. Lol. Super thrilled about the writing flow! ” ~ Karlee

Why choose me as your coach

After being chained to the same corporate job for close to 14 years and living with debt for most of my adult life, I decided it was time to stop playing small. I found my true life's passion, changed my relationship with money and success (and more importantly myself) and turned my passion-driven purpose into a profitable business. Within 7 months of leaving my corporate job, I had built a successful 6-figure business...and it just keeps growing.

I am an action oriented coach and I teach no B.S. strategies and practices that I personally live every day and that have had proven results with my clients.

I help driven people just like you tap into the power of your subconscious mind so you can access your full manifesting potential. I accomplish this by helping you transform your limiting beliefs and fears that are causing patterns of worry and self-sabotage; into creating new patterns of confidence and an abundance mindset which cultivates new levels of untapped wealth.

When you understand your own wealth consciousness it creates a ripple effect on those around you. That's why my mission is to help as many people as possible; so that our wealth consciousness as a humanity race can change.