Some people call me magical...

The truth is, I've learned over the years how to make the deep inner transformational work much easier and far more effective. 

It's why I specialize in helping women like you stop settling for "good enough”.

My zone of genius is having the unique ability to help you see and access the potential of your future possibilities in life, business or for your own personal growth.

I do this by intuitively tapping into exactly what I need to know in your mind, energy and body to help you transform in a massive way. 

From there I use my proven Expansion Technique to help you rewire core beliefs, release energetic blocks and create permanent behaviour change.

The result? You feel the shifts immediately in all layers of yourself and you’re able to start taking action from a place of grounded clarity.

Your ultimate expansion can't happen alone

The Limitless Life Expansion Community is a supportive space for you to connect, and grow with like-minded people. It’s a place where you can continue to expand your knowledge of all things: mindset, manifestation and energetics… you can create YOUR limitless life.

Yes, tell me more!
Subconscious Strategy & Energetics

My exclusive 3-month, private EXPANSION Coaching


This mentorship is designed to take you from feeling like you're two steps behind where you want to be, to feeling grounded and clear in your purpose.

You’ll no longer wonder why you feel stuck. You’ll have clarity on areas or situations in your life that have been preventing you from moving forward for months or even years. You'll be able to take actions that move you forward from a calm and grounded state of being.

 Here's what we will accomplish together:

💫 We will uncover your energetic blocks and the beliefs that are holding you back & During your sessions I'll take you through a unique Whole Brain Technique to transform them on the spot.

💫 We work on wealth consciousness reprogramming to open you up to start attracting the abundance available to you.

💫 We’ll create a customized remodelling of your energetics systems and create new neural pathways to remove the exhaustion and overwhelm you’ve been feeling, so you can take action and generate clear, vibrant and grounded energy.


I only take 6 clients at a time for these spots. I do this so that I can ensure you are getting the highest level of service and interaction from me.  I also want to make sure this is the best fit for you right now so you experience amazing results. Once I have reviewed your application you'll receive an email from me within 48 hours ([email protected]) and we will set up a zoom video application call.


Private single sessions

Core Beliefs & Energetics Strategy Session


90 minute session

This session is designed to leave you with insights about an area or situation that you are feeling stuck or limited.

During this intuitively guided 90-minute session we will review and work with the multiple facets of your mind, body and energetics. This process enables us to begin to identify specific core beliefs, emotional and energetic blocks that may be holding you back.

From here we can begin the transformation process to help you move forward with clarity.