Some people call me magical...

The truth is, I've learned over the years how to make the deep inner transformational work much easier and far more effective. 

It's why I specialize in helping women like you stop settling for "good enough”.

My zone of genius is having the unique ability to help you see and access the potential of your future possibilities in life, business or for your own personal growth.

I do this by intuitively tapping into exactly what I need to know in your mind, energy and body to help you transform in a massive way. 

From there I use my proven Expansion Technique to help you rewire core beliefs, release energetic blocks and create permanent behaviour change.

The result? You feel the shifts immediately in all layers of yourself and you’re able to start taking action from a place of grounded clarity.

Your ultimate expansion can't happen alone

The Limitless Life Expansion Community is a supportive space for you to connect, and grow with like-minded people. It’s a place where you can continue to expand your knowledge of all things: mindset, manifestation and energetics… you can create YOUR limitless life.

Yes, tell me more!
 My exclusive 3-month, private EXPANSION Coaching

This is for you if…

🌟 You're finding yourself feeling a bit stuck, you’ve plateaued or levelled off in one or more areas of your life (relationships, business, health, spiritually)

🌟 You feel like you’re constantly DOING more to HAVE more and it’s leaving you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out.

🌟 You know you desire more in your life, but you’re not sure what it is or even if you believe that it’s possible and so you repeat pattens of self-sabotage.

Here's what we accomplish together:

Connect to your highest potential
We expand your awareness of what’s possible for you, so you can tap into your highest potential and gain clarity on your purpose and vision.

Cultivate a solid foundation for growth
Energetic and subconscious beliefs that may be holding you back are identified and transformed which allows you to fully create your new self-concept and embody your next level of success.

Create your clear vision
You’ll be able to identify your top priorities, set clear intentions and create an action plan to make them a reality from a clear and grounded energy. 


Each of your sessions is intuitively led based on conversation and energetic connection. This is a highly personalized 1:1 mentorship that will take you from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to fulfilled and magnetic.

I only take 6 clients at a time for these spots. I do this so that I can ensure you are getting the highest level of service and interaction from me.  I also want to make sure this is the best fit for you right now so you experience amazing results. Once I have reviewed your application you'll receive an email from me within 48 hours ([email protected]) and we will set up a zoom video application call.


Private single sessions



90 minute session

These sessions are intuitively led based on conversation and energetic connection they are designed to help expand your awareness of what’s possible for you. 

Using my proven Expansion technique we will explore and transform negative patterns, subconscious beliefs or energetic blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward from accessing the health, wealth or love you desire.