Red flags when working with a coach, a guide, a reader or a mentor 🚩🚩🚩

Oct 30, 2022

Finding the right Coach to help you grow your business or even just to help you grow personally can be tough. 

Trust me, I know a thing or two about working the WRONG Coaches, but it's also been a great lesson in how to find the right ones...annnnnd how to actually pay attention to those red flags.

Sometimes you don't realize you're in a bad Coaching relationship until you're out of it. 

For the purpose of keeping this simple, you can insert the word COACH, GUIDE, READER or MENTOR into any of these categories...because it's all the same. 

I want to help you make sure you are investing in the right PERSON to help you grow, no matter what they call themselves.

HERE ARE SOME RED FLAGS to watch out for

🚩 THE HARD SELLER: Good Coaches know their zone of genius and where their limitations are. If it’s not a fit for any reason (e.g., finances, schedule, special need, etc.), they should let you know and recommend another resource. They should NOT tell you that “maybe you just don’t want it enough, if you did you would sell your car to make this work. 

I actually had someone say that to me once and it wasn't even the Coach it was their pre-qualifier sales person, sheesh!

Having said that, sometimes we DO need to make investments that make us uncomfortable, it's what helps us take action. 

I just made the biggest single investment of my life into a Coach, $16k for TWO MONTHS of Coaching. Did I have that just lying around, no…I had to be resourceful because I fully believed that she could help me get to where I wanted to go. 

That investment has CHANGED my business and my life in huge ways and in a short amount of time. Why? Because it was an investment that scared me and it forced me to show up and go all in.


🚩 THE COOKIE CUTTER: All flash, no substance. While some coaches make use of templates or other structured resources and “systems”, you don’t want to end up with a cookie-cutter copy paste approach to your personal growth…especially if you are paying for 1:1 coaching.

The right Coach will be able to meet you where you are at. They will be able to customize your experience based on your unique circumstances, your way of operating and learning as well as how you receive and release energetically.


🚩THE ALL KNOWING “GURU” No coach has all of the answers and it’s not their role to materialize answers for you.

Your coach is there to help guide you and support you in finding the answers you are looking for. A high-quality coach gives you the tools you need to move from a place of being frustrated and overwhelmed to a place of grounded calmness.

They don’t keep funnelling you from program to program creating a dependance on them.


🚩 THE CULT LEADER Your Coach should be someone who earns your trust and confidence, not someone who intimidates you and scares you into doing what they say.

They should make you feel empowered and not use manipulative and abusive tactics to make you feel like you're broken and without their guidance you will NEVER heal or access that level of success you desire. 

They should also not create the impression that they are on some sort of golden pedestal and have unseen knowledge only available to them and no one else.


Finding the right person to help guide you on your growth journey should feel exciting and maybe a little scary, but in a good way. Aside from those red flags I shared, first and foremost when you're considering someone to work with....TRUST YOUR GUT! If it doesn't feel like a hell yes, it's usually a NO! 

And when it comes to finding the resources to make it work, we always do when we believe in the outcome we will have.


Love and Gratitude,





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