How to clear and activate your crystals

I have been friends with crystals since I was a little girl. Back then I didn’t really have any idea what a powerful tool they could be, I did however feel like they were magical in some way, I thought they were pretty and I liked how they vibrated when I held them.

I also get a LOT of questions about crystals from people. The most common questions are which ones to get and how to work with them. So, I thought I would create this blog to use as a handy reference guide of sorts to learn how to work with your crystals.

To understand how crystals work you need to understand that everything in the physical world is made up of energy, including us and everything has its own unique vibration. The same thing with crystals, they each have their own unique frequency and their own unique purpose.

There are a LOT of crystals that do different things, this blog would be an entire book if I tried to write about them all and to be honest it would be impossible to know everything about every...

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