It's time to start social distancing from guilt

Have you been feeling guilty about asking for money for your services, feeling guilty for feeling like you have more than others, feeling guilty for setting boundaries? All sorts of worry vs worthy stories might be resurfacing to challenge your wealth consciousness right now.

As the uncertainty of what the world will look like "after" the pandemic continues to unfold, you may be finding that your lack and scarcity thinking is in over-drive. You may also find that it shows up in ways you never expected.

Maybe you feel guilty because you decided you needed to just “be” because you're mentally and emotionally exhausted so you watched the entire season of tiger king on netflix and barley blinked and then you had a nap for 3 hours, instead of building a new empire and hustling like alllll those people on instagram keep telling you should be doing (that is a stupid belief btw).

Here’s what I want you to know, YOU ARE ENOUGH and YOU ARE WORTHY of paying your bills and...

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