How to be ok, being YOU!

Tell me if this sounds familiar; you find yourself looking for acceptance and approval outside of yourself from other people like friends, lovers, mentors...

I want you to actually stop and get honest about that question. It’s something that comes up in pretty much everyone I work with. And full transparency I’ve dealt with it most of my life too!

I looked for acceptance outside of myself because I didn’t accept myself as I was.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another “love yourself” post that’s going to make you roll your eyes back in your head.

It’s simply an invitation to let yourself be seen for who you really are, and to be ok with it! This is a powerful step in creating a healthy wealth consciousness.

If you’re ready to accept my invitation, here are five intentions I want you to set for yourself:

1 I am choosing to stop feeling guilty about wanting to do things for me.

2 I am choosing to speak kindly to...

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