How to work with your subconscious mind to Magnetize & Manifest (ep.43)

Season #2

What would you do if you had the confidence and tools to achieve and co-create the life that you truly desire?

Have you been practicing the skill of Magnetizing & Manifesting but feeling frustrated by the results you've been getting?

Maybe you're confused by allllll of the info and "lingo" out there and you don't even know where to start.

In this episode...

  • Not only am I going to show you how to get your subconscious mind involved in the co-creation process. I'll explain why your mindset is a foundational piece when it comes to magnetizing so you can manifest.
  • I also breakdown and simplify the difference between magnetizing and manifesting, how they work together.
  • Annnnnnd what it really means when people talk about your "vibrational frequency" and how you can become aware of and work with your energy.


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