Sorry Not Sorry: How People Pleasing is Blocking Your Abundance - Ep. 52

Season #2

I know, I know. You feel *guilty* about wanting more. But….GUILT is a massive abundance blocker. (holy shit, is it ever!)

Get ready for some “aha moments!!” – in this episode you’ll hear all about:

  • One of the *biggest* energetic blocks most of us have – feeling guilty about wanting more for ourselves
  • How GUILT is a symptom of being a “people pleaser”
  • Why guilt can actually be seen as a beautiful gift The burden of “mom guilt” and how to adopt a healthier mindset, as a parent
  • The false belief that you have to GRIND in order to be worthy of abundance 3 words that chip away at your self-worth: “I’m sorry, but….”
  • A direct challenge for you (this will help you expand your energetic signature!)
  • Why guilt is something you LET other people make you feel Tapping into the confidence of your highest future potential self


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