Season #2

Each affirmation will be repeated 3x in a row and then it loops so you hear each affirmation a total of 9x. And as you listen, allow the words to absorb into you, as you re-program you mind, and your energy, for abundance in all areas of life. 


The DECEMBER affirmations are focused on LOVE

I am the type of person that easily sets healthy boundaries, and I do

I am worthy of an intimate, healthy and powerful relationship

I deeply love and accept myself

I choose to lovingly release my fears and embrace my future

It is now safe for me to be open to give and receive love

I feel love, I see love, I am love and I am loved


You can choose to repeat these affirmations out loud, or in your mind, whatever feels right for you.

For results, listen to them daily for 21 days or more.

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