How to prioritize pleasure: a conversation with Dr. Jordin Wiggins - ep.65

Season #3

More and more, I see ambitious, high-achieving women……who feel like they have some kind of BLOCK that is preventing them from experiencing joy and pleasure. 

Most of them hate to admit it….but they don’t even know what makes them happy. 

If you’re thinking “shit that’s me!” 😳 – settle in. This episode of The Limitless Life Podcast is for you.

I have guest expert, Dr. Jordin Wiggins, in the hot seat. And she is a “pleasure expert” who shows CEOs how to be as badass in the bedroom as they are in business. 

Feel like you’ve heard about her before? – you probably have.

You may already know her from Cosmopolitan, Washington Post, MindBodyGreen, Well+Good, Healthline, Parents Magazine, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue…..or maybe you’ve even read her book, The Pink Canary.

Worried that this convo is gonna be all about talking to your vulva, and dancing naked under the moon? Don’t worry. It’s not.

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More about Dr. Jordin

Dr. Jordin is a Pleasure Expert, Naturopathic Doctor and Author. She is the CEO of the Pleasure Collective, a coaching community for CEOs and founders who want to be as badass in the bedroom as they are in the boardroom. 

She is the author of The Pink Canary, an investigation into the hidden secret to optimal women’s wellness and podcast host of The Pleasure Principles.  She is a regular contributor to articles and TV, including Cityline, Cosmopolitan, and The Washington Post, advocating for women’s health and right to pleasure. 

Dr. Jordin gets it, because she was there too. A burnt out, divorced, owner of a 7 figure women's health clinic, feeling stuck and uninspired. Combining her years of medical and holistic knowledge with personal experience and exploration, she unlocked her desires, attracted her reality as a fulfilled CEO, mom, stepmom, doctor, friend, lover, and women’s wellness advocate. She believes that great sex is just the beginning - everything comes when you learn how to receive: better sex, better health, more wealth.


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