The energy of money: practical action steps for more abundance - ep.67

Season #3

When I hear people say: 

“Money is just energy.”
“Everything is energy.”
“Just connect to the Quantum Field and raise your frequency and manifest all your desires.”

I’m kinda like….uh huhhhhhh…….suuuuuureeee….ok……🙄

But what does that actually mean?

In this episode of The Limitless Life Podcast I want to break down what the “energy of money” means, so you can start shifting your relationship to money/success, and begin to open up to the abundance that’s available to you. 💰💸💰

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Money is more than just physical – it holds emotional and spiritual energy
  • The energy of money depends on YOUR beliefs, attitude, and emotions
  • The brown government envelope phenomenon
  • How subconscious conflicts about money can arise
  • The first step to understanding your OWN energetic relationship to money
  • It’s not just about fantasy thinking, it’s about taking action
  • 4 tangible steps to attract more abundance into your life
  • How to appreciate the flow of money - gratitude in, gratitude out 
  • Everyone is different - get curious about the best mindset strategies for you

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