Essential oils for manifestation and energy management - a conversation with Arin Fugate - ep. 68

Season #3

You know you’re supposed to focus on the FEELING of the thing you want to manifest….but it’s “harrrrrrddddd.”

On this episode I'm chatting with Arin Fugatea Speaker, Wellness Educator, Success Coach for Visionary Leaders...and wildly knowledgeable about essential oils.

Arin will be the first to tell you that essential oils can act as an anchor to your manifestations, by reminding you of the FEELING state you want to be feeling!

In this episode she’ll tell you about how essential oils helped her overcome addiction, anxiety, and depression. She’ll even show you how essential oils can help you manage your energy!

Sound like someone who’d fit right in on The Limitless Life Podcast? – (“uuummmmmm yes!”). And that’s why she’s my guest on this week’s episode! 

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode: 

  • The clear message Arin got (while laying in shavasana) that changed EVERYTHING 
  • How essential oils were the key to turning Arin’s life around
  • How essential oils can help you maintain the vibration of thing you want to manifest
  • The “best” essential oils for greater abundance
  • How to pick scents that will help you reach your goals 
  • How to incorporate essential oils into your moon manifestation rituals
  • The deets on using essential oils with animals around (cats are so extra)


Arin Fugate - Speaker, Wellness Educator, Success Coach for Visionary Leaders.

Arin is a survivor. Having overcome addiction, anxiety, depression, and many other limitations from years of abuse she is now dedicated to facilitating the rise of the Female Visionary. She is a mother of two daughters, wife, and a business owner. Arin knows how hard it can be for women to carve a path to their dreams and she is here to help. She loves sharing her passion for essential oils, natural wellness, and entrepreneurship with inspired business owners.

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