Honouring your Passion and Your Purpose: A Conversation with Regina Lawrence. -ep 72

Season #3

How do you navigate change, and create a life you desire?

For years, I stayed comfortable in the discomfort of my life – my unhappy marriage, my soul-sucking corporate job….. and I know YOU may doing this too, in one or more areas of your life. But change can feel super scary. And it’s hard to know whether or not you’re making the “right” decision, when making a transition.

Do we even GET to be, do, and have “all the things?!?”

In today’s episode of The Limitless Life Podcast, I chat with Regina Lawrence, a former Trial Attorney turned breathework and sound meditation practitioner, as well as the owner of a boutique social media marketing agency, and the host of podcast, All The Things.

Regina believes that we don’t have to live in the boxes society tries to put us in. And holy shit-balls, she’s made some BIG MOVES in her life and career.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Growing up as the “fixer” of the family
  • Wanting MORE….and having the audacity to apply for law school
  • The paths we originally take will always help us in the future
  • When you expect to feel fulfilment, and instead….just wanna take a nap
  • Regina’s “god moments” that changed everything
  • What happens when you develop a Tony Robbins obsession
  • When things get worse, better they get better – what it’s like to quit your “dream job”
  • Being a student and a do-er at the same time
  • Listening to the nudges, and holding space for the things that excite you
  • The relationship between your breath, and your nervous system
  • Learning how to do hard things, and witnessing your own resilience


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