Season #3

APRIL AFFIRMATIONS: Health and Vitality

Each affirmation will be repeated 3x in a row and then it loops so you hear each affirmation a total of 9x.

As you listen, allow the words to absorb into you, as you re-program you mind, and your energy, for abundance in all areas of life. 

You can choose to repeat these affirmations out loud, or in your mind, whatever feels right for you.

For results, listen to them daily for 21 days or more.


Here are the April Affirmations that are included in this episode:

My body is a natural healer

 I honour my body and treat it with kindness

I choose to release stress and embrace peace in my mind and body.

I am worthy of taking time for self-care every day

My body is vibrant and full of vitality

I the type of person that is healthy and strong


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