Self-Protective Patterns: A Conversation with Erin Tusa-Thatcher ep . 82

Season #3

Big emotions can be difficult to “deal with” – especially when you’re young! (amiright?)

Maybe it’s overwhelm, anxiety, fear, or anger.

Whatever the discomfort….your body goes into a state of fight/flight/freeze. And your sympathetic nervous system goes on high alert. 🚨

In this personal, and profound conversation, I chat with Erin Tusa-Thatcher, an Integrated Health & Strength Coach who specializes in weight loss, by focusing on behaviour patterns and root causes of wellness habits. 

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • The experience of being bullied as a child, and how Erin turned to food to cope
  • Erin’s audition for Canadian Idol, and being told: “you’ve got the goods, but you don’t look the part.”
  • Erin’s unhealthy drive to prove her worthiness by “getting fit”
  • The experience of looking healthy, but not feeling healthy
  • Why Erin decided to become a personal trainer, and her unique take on weight loss
  • When habits become hurtful – and how to get out of the “pain state”
  • Reassessing the “why” behind wellness, and the importance of creating new metrics to align with your values
  • Goodbye comfort food, hello meditation, energy work, and hypnosis
  • “I am an onion!” - get your t-shirt now!
  • Why Erin decided to open a brick-and-mortar fitness studio in this online-obsessed age
  • It’s not selfish to lead with your authentic desires, and to seek pleasure

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