The Energetics of Business: Are You Ready for Increased Visibility? - Ep 108

Season #4

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If you find yourself hitting a financial ceiling, unable to reach that next level success, and you can’t figure out WHY….it’s a TELL-TALE SIGN that you’ve got invisible beliefs that are holding you back (beliefs liiikkkkke “it’s not safe to be seen!”).

 And if you’re trying to FORCE your way past those beliefs, the energy behind your offers will be  inauthentic and “off!” – meaning….nobody will buy your offers.

Want to learn more? Ready to learn about 4 key ways to stop creating your own limitations and visibility blocks? This episode is for you!

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Why the advice to “take messy action” isn’t always right
  • Your energy talks even before your mouth opens
  • When pivoting your offer = disaster
  • What is the energy behind the content you’re creating?
  • How limiting beliefs can contract your energy
  • Why business growth is like riding an airplane
  • OK so what if you DO go viral (are you ready for it?)
  • 4 ways to stop creating your own limitations


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