Success Redefined: The Finish Strong Flaw - ep. 112

Season #4

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Have you been hearing all the “finish strong” messaging out there, lately? 🙄

“What you do now will determine everything about 2024.”
“This is a make-or-break moment for your upcoming success.”
“Q4 isn’t over yet! Sprint to the finish line!”

I mean…don’t get me wrong. I love a good motivational push. And there is a time and place for hustle.

But there’s a flaw with the “finish strong” mentality. Because for a lot of people, it actually leads to burnout. 

And when “finishing strong” is motivated by FEAR of failure, or SHAME about not doing “enough,” it can actually negatively affect your energetic signature….and prevent you from achieving your goals. 

Success isn’t an all-or-nothing event. Success is a series of wins (and a series of losses) that accumulate, over time.

And I want to see you “finish strong” in a way that FEELS GOOD, for you.

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:

  •  How I’m choosing to finish the year
  • Is your worth tied to your productivity?
  • “Finishing strong,” without getting caught in the shame game
  • There’s a fine line between getting things done, and burning yourself out
  • Do you believe that pushing yourself to the max, is the only way to achieve success?
  • The real antidote to burnout
  • Reminder: you’re not a productivity machine
  • The shame spiral that comes along with “finishing strong”
  • Are you creating from a place of fear/lack 
  • 3 questions that will help you define what SUCCESS really looks like
  • How to consciously create expansive energy 
  • 3 tips for managing your energy (in less than 1 minute!)

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