The Illusion of Future Success: How to Be the Best Version of Yourself Now - ep. 118

Season #4

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So the other day, I got an email from another coach (I’m on her mailing list) – and she was talking aalllll about becoming the “next version of herself” in order to achieve her 2024 goals. 

And it got me thinking…..

✅ On the one hand, I’m all about transformation. I love helping people connect to their highest potential selves (and I’ve helped hundreds of people do it!).

⛔ But on the other hand, I see so many people getting caught in the becoming. And it can create this illusion that you aren’t enough as you are right now. Almost as if…..there’s a deficit in your current self. And success/fulfilment are locked behind some kind of door. 🔑

It becomes a LOOP. 😵‍💫 And you end up FOREVER chasing an upgraded version of yourself. 

In fact….you CONTINUALLY postpone celebrating your success, because you’re waiting for the future version of yourself….who may NEVER “arrive!” And you feel as if you’re always falling short.

Which, ironically….prevents you from taking action. 

Instead, I like to think of it as:

Becoming the best version of you, NOW.  

And a big part of that process involves showing up AUTHENTICALLY and being proud to stand in the truth of who you are. 

Because then (and only then), will your actions toward “transformation” be internally motivated. Rather than trying to live up to some kind of social standard. 

Easier said than done? You’ll want to tune into this episode of The Limitless Life Podcast to hear more about “never-enough-syndrome,” and how to show up with authenticity, so that you can become the best version of you, NOW!

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • The constant pursuit of becoming the next “shinier” version of yourself
  • Do you believe you’re a morning person? (If you believe it, you are…or soon will be)
  • Why I’m not itching to go to the “personal development party”
  • Scarcity mindset and believing in your own sense of lack
  • Becoming the best version of you, NOW
  • Why “authenticity” is the antidote to “never-enough-syndrome”
  • What holds us back from standing in the truth of who we are
  • Constantly subject yourself to discomfort in the name of growth = burnout
  • Manifestation is not a spectator sport - you have to get in the game
  • What happens to your emotional landscape as you authentically grow
  • Your mess is your message


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