Stop Wasting Your Own Time: How to leverage Conscious and Subconscious beliefs - ep. 121

Season #4

If you hang out with me on Instagram, you probably already know that I have a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf FULL of books, in my office.

You see….I used to be addicted to mindset work. And I thought I was making “huge progress” by stuffing my mind with ALL THE THINGS. 

The truth?

All that SURFACE-LEVEL MINDSET WORK didn’t actually get me to where I wanted to go.

And it wasn’t until I started working with my subconscious mind, that I FINALLY experienced deep & lasting transformation.  

MANY online coaches are shouting from the rooftops about using your conscious mind to shift beliefs. And while there’s a time and place for affirmations and journaling….it’s NOT the whole picture.   

You see…..

If you are setting out to CHANGE your thoughts/emotions/habits, it’s important to understand that your belief system has 2 distinct layers: your conscious belief system, and your subconscious belief system. 

And if you’ve got SPECIFIC DESIRED OUTCOMES, you’re going to want to know how to work with each system (and when!) in order to create realistic expectations.

– I hate seeing frustrated entrepreneurs who’ve lost faith in mindset work altogether, simply because they were trying to shift subconscious beliefs, using surface-level tactics!

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Get the results you want, and stop wasting your own time! 
  • Surface-level mindset work will NOT transform subconscious beliefs
  • What are conscious beliefs? – and how to change the limiting ones
  • What are subconscious beliefs, and how are they formed?
  • Why you may experience mega resistance around changing subconscious beliefs 
  • The classic iceberg analogy that isn’t wrong
  • How to address BOTH types of beliefs (key tools)
  • When you should r-u-n from a subconscious strategist
  • Your business strategy’s hidden gem 


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