From Analysis to Action: Breaking Free of Overthinking - ep. 125

Season #4

Something a lot of my clients are struggling with right now, is GETTING INTO ACTION….and taking the “right” action – the kind of action that will actually move the needle. 

And one of the BIGGEST reasons it can be so hard is:

You’re not sure where you’re headed. 

Imagine this. You’re at the starting line of a race – and there’s no finish line in site. It’s disorienting. It’s confusing. And it’s probably pretty overwhelming because you don’t know where you’re going, or how to pace yourself. 

Throw in FEAR OF JUDGMENT, and you’ve got a perfect cocktail for procrastination.

You end up overanalyzing WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WILL SAY/THINK when you put yourself out into the world. 

And you get hit with a severe case of analysis paralysis!

Wondering how to start taking action, without the overwhelm? Tune this episode of The Limitless Life Podcast! 

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • The whispers of fear, and what comes up when “taking action” is on the table
  • Your energy speaks before your mouth even opens
  • Why it’s important to channel your unique energetic signature into the actions you’re taking
  • It's a trap! – are you doing the same things over and over again (even though they don’t feel good)
  • How to market your biz from a place of authenticity
  • Stop with the “word salad!”
  • Your ideal clients can smell inauthentic BS from a mile away
  • Speak to your audience’s problems, and position yourself as the solution
  • The art of delegation (warning: don’t overdo it)
  • Your energy drives engagement 
  • 3 things to help you get into action

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