The #1 Thing Holding You Back: A Conversation with Nancy Medoff - Ep 130

Season #4

If it feels like you’re hitting a glass ceiling, when it comes to reaching your business goals….today’s podcast episode is for you!

I chat with a FIRECRACKER coach 💥 (and good friend), Nancy Medoff who is on a mission to empower women to speak up, get their seat at the table, then build a bigger table. She also happens to be the author of Unmute Yourself: Speak Up to Stand Out, and the host of Unmute Yourself Podcast.

We’ve both worked with A LOT of women. And without a doubt (we agree!), there is ONE THING that holds many of us back. 🤔

We talk about WHAT IT IS, and how to overcome it. Plus, you’ll get the inside scoop on Nancy’s 3 R’s for overcoming “imposter syndrome.” And an honest chat about VALUES…and how they can change over time (especially when you hit the “no-f’s given” age of 40+). 

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