The Power of Letting Go: Transforming Trapped Emotions - ep. 133

Season #4

I work with so many people who have past emotional trauma (narcissistic parents & partners are a very common thing). And their whole energetic systems are on HIGH ALERT. 

They have a plethora of physical/mental symptoms. And worse? – they find themselves STUCK in a perpetual rut....never fully able to uplevel their business & life. 

OK, so how do you recognize and shake off emotional baggage? Tune into this episode of The Limitless Life Podcast to hear aallllll about it!

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • How the “old me” used to deal with anger (can you relate?)
  • Truth: people can only make you feel like shit if you let them
  • Why we tend to hold onto negative feedback
  • 4 signs you’re holding onto trapped emotion
  • The energetic hairballs that are gunking up your entire system
  • Do you need to release ALL trapped emotions?
  • It all starts with the intention of letting go
  • Why emotions get trapped in the first place
  • Your go-to emotional release mantra (and how to supercharge it)
  • The f-word that will literally set you free


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