Resistance, excuses and limiting beliefs: a conversation with Tiffany Carter - ep. 57

Season #2

Listen in, as I chat with MY business coach about business, energy, and excuses!

You know, when someone comes into your life, and they change SO MANY things (on SO MANY levels), for the better?!? - that’s how I feel about today’s podcast guest!

On the latest episode of The Limitless Life Podcast, I chat with Tiffany Carter, who is a Multimillionaire, Top Business Coach (MINE, actually!), who helps business owners get consistent cash and clients online. She is the host of the (Top Rated) ProjectME Podcast, and is an AMAZING human being (who will *never* blow smoke up your ass! – kinda like me 😉).

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • The dangers of “fantasy marketing” and why most entrepreneurs give up
  • The nasty habit of tricking yourself into thinking you’re taking action 
  • The endless loop of excuses that can keep you stuck for 10 years (plus!)
  • When NEEDING something to work out, actually prevents it from happening
  • The problem is YOU believing it’s not possible
  • It isn’t fucking about you – it’s about the people you serve: show up
  • Your energy is your most valuable asset
  • Your subconscious mind is designed to look for more of what you’re focused on
  • New levels, new devils - Tiffany’s #1 excuse that is holding even HER back
  • The importance of allowing time/space for divine downloads
  • The power of creating a limitless life that allows you ultimate freedom and options

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