Celebrating Episode 100: A Podcast Party with Tiffany Carter

Season #3

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Guess what, NAME?!? We’ve hit a milestone!

This episode of The Limitless Life Podcast is EPISODE 100!!!! 🎉

And wow, what a journey to get here!

I wanted to do something special for this episode….and I’ve gotta say – it doesn’t get any more special than having a podcast party with my business coach and friend, Tiffany Carter!

Tiffany has been on the podcast once before (Ep 57: Resistance, Excuses and Limiting Beliefs: A Conversation with Tiffany Carter) – and the episode was straight fire! 🔥

But the mic-drop moments don’t stop there! Tiffany and I chat about what it’s REALLY like to run (and grow!) a business. From resistance and “stay in bed” moments, to growth phases and unexpected abundance.

Entrepreneurship is NOT all rainbows and butterflies – and in this real and honest conversation, Tiffany and I “tell it like it is.” Mind, body and soul. 

Wondering what you’ll hear about in this episode? Here’s a sneak peek:


  • Farts and penis plants (you’ll see)
  • Women supporting women, and the art of receiving
  • Tiffany’s “visibility cap” and the resistance that comes along with exposure
  • The importance of high-quality support for the “in-between” seasons of business
  • Energy doesn’t lie – is your sales copy janky?
  • Allowing your “realness” to shine (you’re never gonna be 100/100)
  • Why fantasy marketing will keep you stuck
  • The “power couple” you want on your side (masculine and feminine energy)
  • Are you in a “chill phase?”
  • The one question to ask yourself, if you’re on the fence about a BIG decision
  • It gets to be easy, and it gets to be fun
  • “This is happening” instead of “I’ll try”
  • Brenda’s uber dilemma (help?)


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